Case Study


Maps cover.


A mobile app powered by maps is a layout challenge.

As a product designer at SOSAFE, I worked on redesigning the app's mobile navigation to increase user retention.

Design Questions

Design Audit

SOSAFE provides a map view and a list view of their content in separated screens. The problem was that many users didn't know how to access the feed.

Before the redesign, the app had floating buttons on the main screen to access the feed and the notifications tab. The interface seemed pretty understandable.

Nevertheless, users didn't think that way. For them, the floating buttons did not mean anything but cute, tiny buttons without core functionality.

Competitive Audit

I researched apps like Google Maps, Waze, Zenly, and Snapchat to study their map design approach.

Questioning: How to show a map and its associated actions without compromising the layout and information architecture?

Design Proposal

My approach was to implement a new tab bar that gathered the core sections of the app. Tab bars help manage multiple content sources with the proper hierarchy.

Reports screen for iOS.
Reports screen for iOS.

Core Sections

Feed screen for iOS.
Feed screen for iOS.

Challenges & Outcomes

A design that seemed evident to our eyes looked quite confusing to our users. It is essential to audit and monitor the behavior of your product.

Key Learnings