Product Designer

Designing human interfaces

I am Felipe, a product designer currently working on design systems at Twitter. I have three things in mind:

Problem definition

I care about the design rationale in every project. I believe good design comes from the understanding of people. Therefore, it is important to define and document the problems we want to solve.

Product thinking

I love good products. But I love the most to know what makes a product useful and well-loved. As a designer, I want to deliver simple, functional, and beautiful solutions.

Surgical precision

I am detail-obsessed. It is not a coincidence some products have become the last frontier in design. In my case, I care about every detail, every design decision that shapes the interface and the user experience.

Case Study

Design Systems

Great design systems help teams spend less time on rote, repetitive tasks while providing a comprehensive reference of guidelines and reusable components.

Case Study


Messaging features in a highly social-oriented era seem a no-brainer decision when building a community. Was this the case for a +1M user's social network?

Case Study

Map Interfaces

Mobile apps powered by maps are a layout challenge, even for companies like Google, Waze, and Snapchat. How to show a map and its associated actions without compromising the information architecture?